An ode to Broadway Market

Oh Broadway Market
What’s happened to you?
You used to be home to crack addicts,
And now you’re all about teeny tiny vegan cakes.


They are very beautiful
Small red velvet cups
And tied died meringues
Perused by people like me
Wrapped up warm, wearing ray ban sunglasses,
Armed with an iPhone Instagramming camera.


You’re now a bit like Borough
But smaller and marginally more expensive.
Packed with people clutching Clipson’s coffees
Proud of being brave and cutting edge enough
To venture into the crime-ridden socially deprived eastend.


But the old guys singing old songs are lovely,
The girl with victory rolls and an accordion puts a spring in our step,
And those extortionately priced pots of green pesto are bloody gorgeous.

Oh, how you bankrupt me.
Oh, how you infuriate me.
Oh, I still think you’re lovely.

Oh, Broadway Market.

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