Exploring the places in the world where change is happening.

Border Skipping is a kind of culture and world affairs blog, focused on exploring change, creativity and life in the world’s political and cultural hubs.

It includes a curious portfolio of words and ideas, from meandering travel philosophy to practical exploration advice, punctuated with occasional investigative journalism on global issues and posts curating practical guides to the crises and conflicts that matter today.

Who writes Border Skipping?

photoTwitterMy names is Kim Willis.

After studying International Relations and doing a shed load of backpacking, I’ve spent the past ten years to working at international organisations like the UN and DFID as well as think tanks like Foresight.

After a period of illness I had a life rethink, and started this blog. Now, I’m an occasional freelance journalist, writing regularly for High Life and Urban Times, and publishing a piece on global ideas festivals in The Guardian.

I love travel because it’s a sure fire way of breaking out of my comfort zone and seeing how the world is changing with my own eyes, not because it’s nice to take a break and go somewhere hot and pretty (although that’s obviously a bonus).

But at the same time, I’m just an ordinary girl trying to get a better grasp on the world we live in; who gets as daunted by the enormity of the issues as the next person, so I hope you’ll find that any attempts at expert opinion are served up with a decent dose of humanity and humour.

To date, these articles have been picked up and published in some really great places, including Urban TimesMid East Posts, Lonely Planet and the Orchard Times, while the likes of 972mag, Green Olive tours and Code Pink have all linked to Border Skipping articles, bringing this blog to a whole host of new people.

I also love connecting with other people with similar interests and aspirations, so if this stuff is your bag, follow my blog and I’ll be sure to follow yours too.

I really hope you enjoy reading, and if you have any comments or questions I’d love to hear from you – feel free to post them here.

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